Our courses examine specific traditions in places such as the United States, Ireland, the Caribbean, China, or Africa. In looking at how traditions are created and carried forward, we pay close attention to topics that touch our lives every day: health and illness, superstition, urban legends, social movements, commemoration, the internet, cultural diversity, and more.

The popular courses below give a sense of what is available to undergraduates interested in the rich history of stories, music, and other forms of expression around the world.

Highlighted courses

A hand touches frosted glass.

FOLK-F256: The Supernatural and Folklore

Many people in North American believe in supernatural folklore. This course attempts to understand the nature this tradition by examining patterns of belief and the features of supernatural folklore.

Street festival in New Orleans.

FOLK-F367: Folklore of the South

The blues? Mardi Gras? Barbecue? What makes the South southern? This course surveys a range of folkloric traditions practiced in these southern states, including folk speech, festival celebrations, food, folk music, folk religion, and others.