Our courses focus on a diverse range of theoretical, methodological, and topical approaches to document, analyze, and interpret cultural forms and practices across the world. Engaging in both fieldwork-based ethnographic and archival research, our students learn to employ theoretical, historical, and practical approaches in their study of music, visual art, material culture, verbal art, cultural performance, and cosmological and mythological systems.

Highlighted courses

Dance performance.

FOLK-F750: Performance Studies

This graduate course will introduce students to the theories and methods of performance studies. Performance studies encompasses an array of approaches that investigate how we produce subjectivity, community, and communication.

Students watch films in the IU Cinema.

FOLK-F722: Ecomusicology

During this seminar, we will trace the historical trajectory leading to current work in ecomusicology and environment-related music research, while also taking time for broad interdisciplinary exploration of some of the most compelling work to emerge in environmental health and justice.