Our courses focus on a diverse range of theoretical, methodological, and topical approaches to document, analyze, and interpret cultural forms and practices across the world. Engaging in both fieldwork-based ethnographic and archival research, our students learn to employ theoretical, historical, and practical approaches in their study of music, visual art, material culture, verbal art, cultural performance, and cosmological and mythological systems.

Highlighted courses

Music, Memory, and Violence Across Asia

The course will introduce theoretical approaches to historicism, memory, temporality, and violence, which we will further explore through ethnographic case studies that take place in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, and more.

Medical Ethnomusicology: Post-Pandemic, Care, and Disease

As we emerge in post-pandemic spaces, how can music help us heal? This class will address the relationship between music and health, particularly as it pertains to the changing social dynamics brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to an overview of existing literature in medical ethnomusicology, the class will include informal publications, internet media, and in-progress academic studies.