Our courses focus on a diverse range of theoretical, methodological, and topical approaches to document, analyze, and interpret cultural forms and practices across the world. Engaging in both fieldwork-based ethnographic and archival research, our students learn to employ theoretical, historical, and practical approaches in their study of music, visual art, material culture, verbal art, cultural performance, and cosmological and mythological systems.

Highlighted courses

Irish Folklore

This course will focus on traditions documented from the 19th through 21st centuries; a period during which folklore inspired an Irish literary revival, served the nation-building project of a newly independent republic, and continues to inspire creative responses to modernity.

Stories, Art, & Aging

While much attention is given to the memory loss of older adults and its biological causes, later life can also be a time for remembering. This class explores the many ways that elders recall, organize, revise, and share their life stories.