Approved Applications

Approved applications

If the application is approved by the faculty, an invitation letter will be created for the applicant, and the following items must be sent via email as soon as possible:

Domestic scholars

  • Indiana University personnel profile forms

International scholars

  • Copy of passport ID page.
  • Copy of all dependent passport ID pages (if spouse and/or children will be coming with the visiting scholar).
  • Proof of financial support showing funds of at least $1,200 per month during the entire stay, to show that sufficient funds are available to pay for housing, utilities, food, etc.
    • For visiting scholars who wish to bring a spouse and/or their children, proof of additional funding will be required.

Once all required materials are received, the department will request Visa Certification (Form DS-2019) with the Indiana University Office of International Services on the scholar’s behalf. When the DS-2019 has been issued, an email confirmation is sent that includes an International Scholar Pre-Arrival Guidebook. Please consult the website of the Office of International Services for additional information on J-1 scholars.

International applicants should be aware that the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now requires the collection of a one-time SEVIS fee of US $180.00 from Visiting Scholars on J-1 visas. The fee must be paid by the applicant after the DS-2019 has been issued and before the J-1 is approved. Details are available on the Office of International Service’s website.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all international visitors and their families. Visiting scholars are eligible to purchase Indiana University health plans and should contact International Services for information regarding enrollment in said health plans. If comparable health insurance is provided by the scholar’s home institution, it will not be necessary to arrange insurance here. However, documentation in English of that insurance must be provided upon arrival at Indiana University Bloomington. This information should include the amount and extent of coverage.