Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars

Our department hosts a limited number of visiting scholar positions each year, welcoming faculty or post-graduate researchers from institutions other than Indiana University who have made arrangements with a faculty sponsor able to support their research. Visiting scholar appointments are not paid positions.

Visiting scholars have the opportunity to work with a faculty member, use the facilities of the Herman B Wells Library, and take advantage of other resources on the Indiana University Bloomington campus.

The first step to becoming a visiting scholar is to obtain a faculty sponsor at least two months before the desired start date of your time at Indiana University. Once you have found someone to sponsor your visit, you submit an application for faculty approval. All visiting scholar applications must be approved by a vote of the full faculty.

Visiting scholars focus on their research while at Indiana University. They are not permitted to enroll in courses, nor are they allowed to teach. Applications for visiting scholars are only accepted during the fall and spring semesters, and they are limited to twelve months.

All visiting scholar applicants must prove proficiency in the English language.

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