Ethnomusicology Ph.D.

  • E522 The Study of Ethnomusicology
  • F523 Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology
  • E529 Musical Cultures as Systems of Meaning or approved area course
  • E533 Applied Ethnomusicology
  • E714 Paradigms of Ethnomusicology
  • F740 History of Ideas in Ethnomusicology or any F722
  • Five additional approved courses, four of which must be in the department

*One approved Folklore course, which must be chosen from the following list:

  • F512 Survey of Folklore
  • F516 Folklore Theory in Practice
  • F517 History of Folklore Study
  • F525 Readings in Ethnography

*Another folklore course may be substituted if 1) it contains discipline-specific theoretical content and 2) if it is approved by the Director of the Folklore Institute.

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