Associate Instructor Requirements

Associate instructors

Associate instructors (AIs) normally are expected to work 20 hours per week and are considered to be 50% FTE.

Associate Instructors teach discussion sections for the introductory courses:

  • F101 Introduction to Folklore
  • F111 World Music and Culture
  • F131 Folklore in the United States (Fall)/F121 World Art and Culture (Spring)
  • F141 Urban Legend (Fall)/F256 The Supernatural and Folklore (Spring)
  • E151 Global Pop Music
  • Any C103 College Special Topics courses being taught by our dept. (varies by year)
  • P155 Oral Communication (if we can nominate any students for this position)
  • E295 Survey of Hip Hop will have two instructional GAs, but students in this position do not teach separate discussion sections

Attendance & other duties

  • Attend lectures and assist with audio-visual presentations including set-up and use of equipment.
  • Attend meetings (at least four times a term) with the lecturer.
  • Participate in the formulation of exams, as well as the grading of exams and papers.
  • Prepare by reading books and articles and listening to audio files suggested by the lecturer, and developing section plans based on the lecture.
  • Attend an orientation meeting held by the department, as well as attend a required workshop with the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL). The orientation and workshop usually occurs the week before classes begin in the Fall.
  • At least one visit by the lecturer to the discussion section during the course of the semester and private conference to discuss the lecturer's observations.
  • Arrange for teaching evaluations for the sections which will be kept on file in the department. The department has specific guidelines for this procedure.
  • AIs are expected to work 20 hours a week. The work is not necessarily spread evenly over a term as it is especially heavy at times when papers and examinations are to be graded. Hours and dates of work are to be determined in conjunction with the lecturer.
  • AIs should expect to stay until 3 days after the course’s final exam (the day grades are to be submitted to the College). Any other arrangement must be approved by the supervisor at least 4 weeks in advance.


All new university appointees must have a bank account and apply for direct deposit of their checks.

A student academic appointee of 37.5% FTE must be enrolled in 6 credit hours or G901. The requirements regarding enrollment are outlined in the Handbook for Student Academic Appointees. Please plan your schedule accordingly.

All international students are required to take and pass the Test of English Proficiency for Associate Instructor Candidates (TEPAIC) before they are allowed to teach. Contact the Department of Second Language Studies to make an appointment.

Attend AI/GA Orientation and at least one Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) workshop in August the week before classes begin.

A student must have no incompletes on their record. Incompletes must be removed by July 1 prior to the fall semester.

Unless otherwise stated, all assistantships include a fee scholarship for up to 12 credit hours per semester. And, if appointed fall and spring semesters, 6 credit hours during the summer are awarded. Unused credit hours per semester do not roll over to the next semester. Fee Scholarships do not cover a small portion of tuition, mandatory fees or non-College courses and are not transferable.