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Your affiliation with our department brings you into contact with many dimensions of archival and scholarly research, media, and the arts—with dazzling performances, stimulating conversations, and opportunities to learn the nuts and bolts about collecting, categorizing, and communicating within your specific areas of interest. Campus resources, our region, and the entire world come alive as places where you can explore the performative arts and their relationship with traditional cultures.

Department programs

Our department hosts a variety of programs throughout the year, from book parties to lectures and colloquia to a symposium.

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Megan Sue.

I learned that people come from different cultures and backgrounds that influence their behaviors and processes. It helps me to keep an open mind and understand how others work, which is especially important working at a large company because I come across people from numerous different backgrounds.

Megan Sue, B.S. Business, minor in Folklore and Ethnomusicology 2012

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