"And Other Neighborly Names"

Social Process and Cultural Image in Texas Folklore

"And Other Neighborly Names"
Richard Bauman, Roger D. Abrahams
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"And Other Neighborly Names"—the title is from a study by Americo Paredes of the names, complimentary and otherwise, exchanged across cultural boundaries by Anglos and Mexicans—is a collection of essays devoted to various aspects of folk tradition in Texas. The approach builds on the work of the folklorists who have helped give the study of folklore in Texas such high standing in the field-Mody Boatright, J. Frank Dobie, John Mason Brewer, the Lomaxes, and of course Paredes himself, to whom this book is dedicated.


"And Other Neighborly Names": Social Process and Cultural Image in Texas Folklore. Ed. with Roger D. Abrahams. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1981.