Music & Tourism


Julianne Graper
Course Description
Route 66 is one of the most iconic highways in the United States, recognized for embodying the American Dream of freedom and mobility. As people moved along the highway, they encountered not just new places, but also people, culture, and music. In this class, we will trace the geographic trajectory of Route 66, examining musical and sound-based practices in each of the states through which the road winds. In addition to the specifics of diasporic identities and localized musical genres in the US, we will consider the way that mobility affects musical culture, emphasizing interconnections between each of the places we study. Note that although this course will follow a linear trajectory in terms of geography, we will jump forward and backward in time as we move along the road; hence we are dealing with an imagined conception of Route 66 and its associations with the American Dream across space and time. The final project will involve creating a sound map of a walking route of your choosing around the local Bloomington area.