FOLK-F750: Performance Studies


Dance performance.
Course Description

This graduate course will introduce students to the theories and methods of performance studies. Performance studies encompasses an array of approaches that investigate how we produce subjectivity, community, and communication. We will investigate a range of embodied, material, and linguistic forms of performance that provide unique viewpoints into the construction of place and knowledge, public and private.

Some aspects of performance theory and methods we explore include, but are not limited to: semiotics, discourse analysis, the ethnography of speaking, hemispheric approaches, queer theory, embodiment, ritual, and material culture. Transnational examples of performances like carnival, initiation, beading, divination, poetry, and drag will come from Africa, the African Diaspora, Latin America, the U.S., and the Caribbean. In addition, students will be encouraged to bring in their own areas of study into the discussion for directed assignments and projects.