FOLK-F731: Curatorship


Jason Baird Jackson
Course Description

What do curators do? What hands-on skills should a student acquire in order to prepare for a career working in museums or similar ethnographic archives? How do the theoretical debates within various humanities and social science disciplines connect to the practical work that curators and other museum or archives professionals pursue? Curatorship is a graduate seminar aimed at teaching fundamental skills basic to curatorial work and exploring the ways that theoretical, ethical, and methodological problems are worked out in the day-to-day work of museums of art, ethnography, archaeology, and history, as well as in the kinds of archives that serve a range of humanities and social science disciplines. The course will include hands-on activities, seminar discussion, and original collection research opportunities. While exhibitions will come up in the course of seminar meetings, the focus of the class are all of the other areas relevant to professional work in museums.