FOLK-F722: Ethnomusicology Beyond the Human


Julianne Graper
Course Description

What does it mean to be human? In this course, we will examine recent intellectual trends focused on decentering the human. Examining literature and audio examples from biomusicology, zoömusicology, ecomusicology, multispecies ethnography, and other emergent subfields, we will tackle questions pertaining to humans, relationships with non-humans, subjectivity and subalternity, and the place of humans in the Anthropocene. Because ethnomusicological engagement with the more-than-human is recent, not all of the literature that we will tackle is music-related. It is our task as a part of this seminar to brainstorm how this literature can be mobilized in the service of ethnomusicology. We'll conclude the course with a multispecies ethnographic research project to be presented digitally as a part of a virtual multispecies salon.