John Holmes McDowell

John Holmes McDowell

Professor, Folklore and Ethnomusicology

Editor, Journal of Folklore Research Reviews

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Research interests

  • speech play and verbal art
  • the corrido of Greater Mexico
  • music, myth, and cosmology in the Andes
  • commemoration
  • folklorization
  • ethnopoetics
  • Latin America
  • the United States

Courses recently taught

  • Constructing Tradition
  • Folklore of Latin America
  • History of Folklore Study
  • Readings in Ethnography
  • Folklore of Student Life
  • Children’s Folklore
  • Myth, Cosmos, & Healing in Latin America
  • Ethnopoetics

Awards & Distinctions

  • Named Fellow of the American Folklore Society (2004)
  • John Simon Guggenheim Fellow: “Poetry and Violence on Mexico’s Costa Chica” (1994)
  • National Endowment for the Humanities, Interpretive Research: “Hispanic Folk Poetry in Performance” (1988-90)
  • Fulbright Lectureship in Ghana, West Africa (1987-88)
  • Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Fellowship, Columbia (1978-79)
  • Chicago Folklore Prize for Children’s Riddling (1979)


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Publication highlights